Display reverted to “Mirrored Settings” for dual displays after device reboot in IGEL OS

Any reason why the display keeps reverted to “Mirrored Settings” for dual displays when the device reboots or receives an updated configuration? Is there a UMS setting to keep the settings w/o changes?

Hello, can you check the following settings on your devices and make sure they are enabled?

See below, seems to affecting a single device (the boss no less: 😞

The one that’s missing should be ticked as well I think.

And do you need the multiple profiles form the Display Switch? The setup settings could also work otherwise.

Which version of firmware/profile? If not latest there was a bug – does this affect you? igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/C8GP9JHQE/p1597256836120400

We are running 11.03.580.01 since has a bug using Zoom VDI for Citrix, is IGEL aware of these bug issues that are show stoppers?

Did 11.03.584 correct the issue?

Please update to the 11.03.583 and higher, because the 11.03.583 release fixes an issue with saving the monitor settings.

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