Display Switch settings do not survive a reboot on IGEL OS 10

We are testing thin client laptops docking to dual monitor setups and was wondering if anyone else had issues with this. I can configure the monitors using display switch, the settings wouldn’t survive a reboot which was fixed by going to firmware The issues i still have is docking and unlocking. The display settings get lost, the screen flashes very quickly and pretty much have to start over on the screen settings. I am testing a Dell mobile thin client with a WD-19 docking station with dual monitors and a HP MT21 with their docking monitor and second screen. Anyone run into this? thanks

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did you tried to set the smart functions like: Preserve settings over reboot and Smart display configuration


nope! thank you!

here is the settings before i changed anything and looks like it was already set…

Great! Then, please try, to use the smart display configuration since it should cover your needs (I believe) 😄

yea saw that i didnt have that turned as soon as i pasted it… thanks!

I am having the exact same problem and the smart display setting doesn’t help. The display config will hold during a reboot. But, if I am booted up and unplug the docking station and then plug it back in, the extra monitors go to disabled in the display switch and I have to reconfigure them.

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