Do I need the MMCP license for using Citrix Browser Redirection?

Do I need the MMCP license for using Citrix browser redirection ( – yes, if I understand this one correct:

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Yes, as far as I remember and in accordance with the following link:

Are they available as a trial also?

Browser content redirection is not yet available on IgelOS. MMCP is needed for multimedia redirection

@member : yes, but you may ask your Igel sales rep!

@member: got it working but it‘s a pain😑

@member so for watching YouTube and render it on the UDC I need the MMCP, right?

yes but that‘s not BCR at this time, it‘s multimedia redirection

Yep, I know but it’s fine for now 😊

we use Xenapp 7.15 with GPU servers and UD3 LX51 IGEL’s, I can hardly see a quality difference on 2 identical IGEL’s (1 with & 1 without codec pack)

Same here – only had the effect that without the MMCP in some rare situations videos are played flipped

NOTE: MMCP is now included in IGEL OS 11 for FREE!

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