Do I need the MultiMedia Codec package for Webcam on IGEL UD3?

Hi, I have a UD3-LX51 and a UD6-LX51 (not “ac”) and I have a Logitec Webcam C920 Pro HD which I would like to use for an RDP session. Do I need the MultiMedia Codec package?

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Hi, are you on OS10? On OS11, MMCP is included by default on WE Licenses.

From a technical perspective, it may work but from a Compliance perspective, it would fail.

OS11 runs on both devices, WE license means Workspace Edition?

Yes! And there (as soon as you licensed the devies, not testing them with the starter license) they already have the MMCP.

both devices are licensed,

the webcam appears in the device manager but when I look at the webcam information “no camera is found”

Are you using the USB Acl by any chance?

yes, i played around a little bit, USB AccessControl is off now, still no camera is found

the C920 works to 100%, I had it quite often on customer projects, and that one is a good one 😄 How does it perform when reseting the device to Factory defaults and testing again without profiles assigned?

really great, thanks for the good advice, camera was found 🙂 but how do I get the good piece into the RDP session?

Great! Now, you can through that thread (which should cover your needs):

I have done everything as described but I have no camera in the RDP session, what else can I check?

Which kind of Server OS are we speaking about?


Desktop Experience feature is included in Server 2019 Desktop installatons i guess, because i could not found this feature, i configured all GPOs, but i could not found the “USB Root Hub” to verifying the proper installation of RemoteFX USB Redirection…

Then I would recommend to open a Ticket but keep in mind that Webcams and RemoteFX are not a 100% working Combo.

If I am using a Windows10 RDP connection I have the camera available in the RD session, i.e. the Server2019 is configured correctly, I am missing the correct settings in the UMS, just enable “RemoteFX”, nothing else?

Right, and try to avoid to use native USB redirection which might grab the Webcam.

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