Does anybody have any IGEL UMS Profile recommendations for Work At Home? – Citrix environment and need users to have a Logitech C270 Webcam

Hi guys, so I’m back to square one. Does anybody have any profile recommendations for Work At Home? We use a Citrix environment and need users to have a Logitech C270 Webcam. We also have our terminals connected through our ICG and for now I have it configured to open firefox and point to our netscaler on startup. Any advice is appreciated!

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How do you want to use the webcam? Skype, Teams? Optimized or native USB redirection? Keep in mind HDX webcam compression only works for 32-bit applications on Linux endpoints.

We want to use it for Teams. Whats the difference between native or optimized USB redirection?

I have native USB redirection Allowed in the UMS if thats what your asking. is the optimization based approach – it’s supported only with a private build from IGEL at this time. For the unoptimized approach you can use the native USB resirection or use HDX webcam redirection technology, the latter one only works with the 32-bit Teams on your VDAs

We use a 32 bit teams but I’m wondering more on the side of how people are getting to their Citrix environment. Or whether or not they are going through Firefox or another way. I’ve been having problems recently with HDX and Webcams so I thought maybe I could be setting something up wrong.

What you describe in your initial question is a common scenario: Configure a profile with a Browser session (firefox) starting in kiosk mode and pointing to the Citrix ADC (NetScaler) Gateway, so when your users start their TC they are automatically presented with the NS logon page. From there, when they start a Citrix application, webcam redirection (and other peripherals) is controlled through Citrix policies and USB settings on your TC profile. Are you having specific problems or more generally wondering if this is a good approach?

I’m wondering if its a good approach.

Browser based access is fine, the other option would be to use a Citrix Self-Service configuration, where you launch the Citrix Workspace app directly, pointing to the Netscaler Gateway address.

I’m trying to accomplish what this guy

I’m new to Citrix and Igel and went through the little ICP course so I’m still getting familiar with the product.

The only difference is that we are using terminals

Ah OK, this is just a regular Citrix Session insted of a Browser Session:

Both options are fine, and are applied in many large production environments. The normal workspace session in the video leaves more of the IGEL OS exposed, whereas the browser session approach presents the user with the ADC/StoreFront webpage with the application and desktop icons listed there.

I tend to use the latter more with a lockdown profile for the TC so users are not able to break out of the Citrix environment. It’s all (customer) preference and choice 😉

My thought process is that the workspace session will solve my webcam troubles. The Igel detects the webcam in Webcam Information but it doesnt get picked up in teams on the Virtual Desktop.

Which IGEL OS firmware are you running? Teams optimization requires the Citrix Workspace App 20.06 for Linux. There’s some requirements on the VDA (Citrix server) side as well.

See the #new-product-releases channel: PRIVATE BUILD 11.03.587 for IGEL Workspace –>

### Citrix

Integrated Citrix Workspace app 20.06

Available Citrix Workspace apps in this release: 20.06(default), 19.12 and


New features with this release:

Optimization for Microsoft Teams

Support for NetScaler App Experience (NSAP) virtual channel

Added a registry key to enable optimization for Microsoft Teams.

> I have native USB redirection Allowed in the UMS

If you are using HDX Webcam, Native USB Redirection should be turned off for this USB device. Otherwise the webcam is going through the wrong channel and won’t be optimized. That’s what @member meant.

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