Does anyone have any experience or advice with IGEL and NextGen?

Hello, I’m new here and not sure if this is the correct channel. I’m testing Igel for Citrix access to NextGen EHR software. Does anyone have any experience or advice with Igel and NextGen? We’re also scanners (using RemoteScan) and credit card machines. Thanks for any help.

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What information are you looking for @member?

Hi Christopher, I was just looking for anyone with experience using Igel with NextGen delivered through Citrix. Maybe any tips or tricks to help things run smoothly. We’re a small-ish community health center with around 500 endpoints at 8 sites. Our Win7 machines are almost end of life and we’d also like a simpler management system than managing security through and AD and OUs. I don’t think we have anything more specific at this time but we want to make sure we can continue to use our current devices with Igel OS. We’re just demoing now and trying to set up some peripherals. Specifically, we’ll need to use e-signature pads, credit card machines, and scanners. For the (Fujitsu) scanners we use the NextGen “recommended” RemoteScan but we’re not sure about compatibility with Igel. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks…Mike

Hey Mike,

You should be able to repurpose your old hardware, as long as they meet the minimum requirements for IGEL OS

As for the devices, we have worked with many scanners, and the e-signature pads. For scanners you can try enabling the SANE redirection, as this works with most scanners. (Fastest way to find this option is to search in a profile for SANE)

If SANE does not work for your scanners, or if you need to redirect the other devices into the Citrix session, you shoudl be able to do it with USB redirection under the Citrix configuration section. In there you would want to set the default rule to disable, and then get the PID/VID numbers for each device and add them to the list of devices to redirect into the Citrix session.

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