Does anyone know a way to source “Files” from another server besides the IGEL UMS?

Does anyone know a way to source “Files” from another server besides the UMS?

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I’m not sure that there is an offical way to do this, but one could make a custom partition with the files, or make the thin client run an rsync or S.F.T.P. command to download files as part of a cron job or custom command.

A custom partition is a good idea since you can use post commands to move them where you want them to go. I’m testing out a wget right now from a custom command since this is a public resource.

@member — What is the use case for this request. I would think you may want to use the UMS to control / audit what is delivered / managed on the end-points.

Wget would work, and might be necessary if the files on are an H.T.T.P.S. server, but I would prefer rsync over S.S.H. if possible because rsync can compress the file transfer and copy only things that changed (including detecting automatically for you that it changed), while wget will copy everything every time (unless you script it to wget only if the file isn’t present, but when, that won’t help if the file changes).

I just love rsync, though… I use it for remote backups and that sort of thing.

A 3rd party ‘repository’ may make sense. Leveraging a static data construct like Amazon S3 CloudFront or Azure Blobs could help distribute these globally and automatically move requests to the nearest server for fast access. It doesn’t come without a cost, and the management of these would fall outside the scope of the UMS, but it could help fill your need.

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