Does anyone know a working ICG version with IGEL OS firmware 11.03.300?

hello everyone, new here. Does anyone know a working ICG version with IGEL firmware 11.03.300? We are running ICG 2.01.130. 11.02 and 11.01 IGEL firmware works fine.

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Hello Toan, yes, just tried again: 2.01.130 works!

Hello Toan, I have tested this as well with all versions of 11.03 and have had no issues.

Thanks for the update – we check the fw logs and do not see anything blocking. Any ideas what we can be looking at next?

do we know if this is all https/http traffic? going through the ICG

[7:49 AM] we configured with a WAF in front ICG for additional security

[7:50 AM] we are trying to figure out why IGEL firmware 11.01 and 11.02 works but not 11.03

https, more precisely ssl

@member can you try doing a direct access and not go through the WAF?

It is websocket wrapped in SSL though, and if something is doing stateful inspection of the traffic it can break the websocket

ok, we will try and update this post

just wanted to everyone – due to our strict policy we need to have the WAF in front for the ICG, we were able to get it working properly with using a more relax policy

thank you all for your help. this is has helped us tremendously

happy to share our findings for those who are interested

Yes, please! Would defintely help a lot👍

sure, we applied the generic TCP policy on the WAF and remove SSL termination, it appears that the traffic generated is not HTTPS traffic and the WAF policies did not know how to handle it

Thank you for that!!

anytime! the thing that still puzzle us is that 11.02 or lower works fine, there must be an architecture change on 11.03 or higher

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