Does anyone know what the IGEL OS registry entries for username and password for Citrix, VMware, and RDP?

Hi folks; Does anyone know what the registry entries in UMS are for username and password ( to update with setparam inn shell script) for citrix, vmware, rdp and WVD connectors. So for instance ica.pnlogin. ??? I want to pick up the username and password from a bash script and set these for the relevant connector and then launch the connector. Hope that makes sense.

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On Citrix:

Sessions.pnlogin0.settings.username / password


Sessions,winconnect0,option.default-user /crypt-password

On Horizon:

Sessions,vdm_client0,options,username / crypt-password

Btw. Passwords are encrypted so you should use setcryptparam instead.

Not sure to understand what you are trying to achieve… Would you mind to explain it in an another way?

Hi; thanks for that. We have created a script which will capture the users username and password and depending on the entry and the domain nname we can then load the relevant session connector. Unfortunately here we have multiple domains in citrix storefront, VMWARE and RDP.

Do yo know in what way the password is encrypted before being set in crypto fields?

It‘s in fact encrypted by using thr setcryptparam. Here an example:

setcryptparam sessions.pnlogin0.settings.password ‘passwordhere’

Thats great thank you for that; one last thing how do I then programmatically launch a configured session ?

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