Does Avaya Agent for Desktop work on IGEL OS

Hello everyone, does anyone have experience with the CP Avaya Agent for Desktop? I have 3 questions. 1. if I want to store a password of a station ID it only works by selecting “Security Storage if available” but not “Security Storage only” (See attachment), then after every new start of the application the password is deleted. 2. we also use an AVD and would like to have like with the CP Linphone that with each call the call window comes into the foreground before the AVD, this does not go despite the setting, see attachment. 3. in which file are the Avaya configurations stored and how can I distribute these best over the UMS to pre-configure the Avaya agent? thanks in advance

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Where is the password stored for Avaya Agent CP?

Since you note that you are also using Linphone, then put the path of where the password is being saved, such as /userhome/.config/avaya, into custom/linphone/userhome/.config/avaya.

Something like that once you know the real path.

Then the Linphone CP init script will auto-magically link it. 😉

See how I built the CP for Linphone

To bring a window into the foreground, use the `wmctrl` command.

For example, let me bring the UMS Console to the foreground.

`wmctrl -l`

“`0x02000003 -1 ITC08002792DECB xfce4-panel

0x02200069 -1 ITC08002792DECB Desktop

0x03200003 0 ITC08002792DECB X11

0x03400401 0 igelums12 IGEL Universal Management Suite 12

0x03800003 0 ITC08002792DECB Local Terminal“`

`wmctrl -i -a $(wmctrl -l | grep igelums | cut -f 1)`

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