Does hardware acceleration make sense in connection with RDP on IGEL OS?

Good Morning everyone, i have three short questions.

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We are switching from W7 / W10 devices to Linux IGEL in early 2020 and I have seen that the new devices (UD2-LX / M250C and UD3-LX / M340C) support hardware acceleration.

Does hardware acceleration make sense in connection with RDP?

Does hardware acceleration in connection with watching local videos make sense?

Does hardware acceleration make sense in general?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


Good morning Leon, in short: yes, to all. Even if the HW Acceleration isn‘t such as effective as on Citrix or Horizon (but pretty fast), it‘s a good alternative to Multimedia Redirection only.

A side note: if you plan to use VoIP like Skype, Teams or JVDI I would recommend the UD3.

Thanks for your help. @member the clients should only establish a connection to our terminal servers and still offer a local browser interface for approved websites. We did a lot of preparatory work, talked to IGEL and an IGEL Gold Partner and finally decided on the UD2-LX. Nevertheless, thanks for the tip.

Perfect! That sounds like a well done project 👏

Yes, it is. Preparations have been going on for about half a year. From 2020, our 16 locations will be converted to get away from Windows clients and switch to the better Linux operating system. The old IT department in our company has made a few mistakes in the past and has put some obstacles in our way (the new IT department). Like the mistake of using Windows thin clients instead of Linux thin clients.

The right time is always now 😁

Yes, we also boxed the project through as quickly as possible. So that we quickly get away from W7 after W7 EOL. How do I find a relief from hardware acceleration? I have now activated hardware acceleration or video redirection in RDP Global, but only notice the high CPU load on the server, the slow processing of a video and no positive change.

Did you set the according GPOs on server side?

We have enabled video sharing in our session collections. Is that enough?

From what I recall no, there was a need for the GPO sent before.

Since I will be finishing work in half an hour and will not be able to do so, I will take it on once in the new decade and then report back if necessary. Nevertheless, many thanks in advance and I wish you all a happy holiday season and a happy new year!

Best regards


Same to you Leon! Wish you and your family all the best!!

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