Does IGEL OS 11 have Appliance Mode for Citrix XenDesktop?

Hi, in IGEL OS 11 there is not yet the possibility of setting an APPLIANCE MODE for Citrix XenDesktop Session.

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### The following clients and features are not supported anymore


Citrix Legacy Sessions

Citrix Web Interface

Citrix StoreFront Legacy

Citrix HDX Flash Redirection

Citrix XenDesktop Appliance Mode

Flash Player Download

Ericom PowerTerm

JAVA Web Start

Leostream Java Connect

Systancia AppliDis

VIA graphics driver

Self Service isn‘t an alternative? If not, please try to use this profile set I created, to reproduce a Appliance mode

Its nice to know I’m not the only person that has noticed this. We use NetScaler AAA (Frontend) to authenticate users with 2FA, etc. and have found that this has caused authentication issues with Citrix Self-Service. These were not experienced with “Citrix StoreFront legacy”.

Just to confirm @member, the firmware that you have provided in your last link, does that return the “Citrix StoreFront Legacy” option to the Appliance mode options?

Many thanks in advance ! 🙂

@member from what I recall we removed it completely in our OS11. On OS10 it is still available (if needed). Hope it helps a bit

Ok, I will see what I can do 😅

Thanks for the reply 👍

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