Does IGEL OS 11 support IGEL UD10 devices?

We have some Igel UD10 and I was wondering if Igel OS 11 is supported on them?

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Supported Devices


UD2-LX 40, UD2-LX 50

UD3-LX 51, UD3-LX 50

UD5-LX 50

UD6-LX 51

UD7-LX 10

UD9-LX Touch 41, UD9-LX 40

So, not officially.

It‘s Via from what I recall, so they are a few limitations like no Dualscreen AND you have to hold 2GB of RAM which isn‘t standard.

Indeed VIA chipset. We do not have the need for dual screen on these devices and they are equipped with 2GB.

Then it‘s worst a try, but I would use a UD Pocket to get it tested, just to avoid the lost of license.

I thought that UD Pocket didnt have the via chipset drivers. We tried testing it back in the days with v10 and ended up with just testing it on the device itself. But then UD10 was in the supported devices.

The OS and UDP should have the same driver package installed, so if it worked on UDC (now, OSC), it should work also on UDP. From what I recall, we discontinued the Graphic driver (too complex IMHO), so using the generic one (kind of legacy) should work.

The only thing that is not correct is the display resolution. Only at 1024×768. Any ideas?

Can you set it manually to the correct one?

No, when I set the resolution manually to 1920×1080 parts of the left of the screen are shown on the right.

For the graphics chipset VESA is used instead of VIA Chrome9 (VX900) and the monitor info shows no info available.

however when shadowing the device in the session it is shown correctly

Are you using display switcher for the resolution or a profile?

I am using a profile. The display switcher only detects it is monitor 1, nothing else like resolution or port. No options to do anything else in the display switch. I’ve tried threw profile registry X > display_config% > screen 0 (resolution and scale_from) but same problem.

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