Does IGEL OS support Citrix Browser Content Redirection (BCR)?

Does anyone know, if It is possible to use Citrix BCR (browser content redirection) from an Igel OS client and access the local webcam and microphone inside the redirected web site?

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The idea would be to use this to redirect browser based video conferencing websites that don’t have an optimization plugin (e.g. Jitsi-Meet, Nextcloud Talk, Riot, etc.)

Hi Michael, from what I recall that should (could) work! I would have an eye on not having HDX Realtime Engine or HDX Webcam activated during your first test.

Looks like it should work I noticed from reading the BCR from Citrix that Workspace App for Linux 1808 and higher support it and the thin client must include WebKitGTK

And you obviously need to whitelist the sites for BCR


so finally, I got BCR to work on my Igel test thin client.

It seems quite buggy. Sometime the website content fails to load, sometimes you need to press F5 once or twice and I also saw a strange behavior were the browser window content appeared on a different screen than the browser window… haven’t seen this when testing from my win10 client.

But in general it seems to work.

BUT: I can’t get the webcam/microphone to work with BCR.

From my workspace app 2006 on my win10 client it works like a charm.

Any ideas?

I would test this recommendations (without BCR first):


yeah, well, been there 😉

The 32Bit limitation that Citrix is carrying around with Receiver and now WorkrspaceApp for ages prevents any use of the webcam in modern browsers or electron apps.

Native USB redirection of the webcam is even in LAN not ideal, over WAN it mostly useless.

I just did a quick test with BCR from my Windows Client but it looked really promising.


gave it another try:

• Windows Client, CWA 2009 -> Works perfectly fine. Webcam and everything

• Igel OS 11.04.200, CWA 2009 -> does not work at all. Screen flickering wildly, unable to start video and audio. “Audio and Video error: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia’)

Well, I would say this is a bug

Just not sure if Igel or Citrix is causing it

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