Does IGEL OS support Forti token with Citrix?

Hello Everybody, Im new to this community and have a question regarding 2FA and Igel. Does the Igel OS support Forti token with Citrix? We are testing a UD7 but cannot get past the Citrix Authentication because the receiver does not prompt for a token

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Hello Jonhan, I would switch the Authentification mechanism:


Citrix authentication mechanism (instead of IGEL), Smartcard enabled

I don’t have a Forti token by hand. Which brand / version do you have?

We have Soft Tokens

Hi, Thx for the reply, yes tried th citrix auth and gives Http error 302 error adding store. Server is configured for regular store name “general”. Could this be Certificates?

Does it work from a Browser Session?

Yes, get the normal SF page with token prompt

Then, yes, it might. Are you using a netscaler in front of Storefront?

yes we are

then remove the the path to store and storename in your connection profile.

Nice, That works!. Thanks so much!!

If I might ask fortitoken…are you using it with citrix app store?

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