Does IGEL OS support JVDI for VMWare Horizon client?

Does iGEL OS support JVDI for VMWare Horizon client. I’m hoping to adopt this in our environment, kicking the tires with UD Pocket and having difficulties getting the JVDI passthrough connecting (we’re currently using Cisco Jabber for phones during covid). I’ve enabled it in the OS and “Citrix” settings…hoping it would also work for VMWare?! No luck yet.

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Hi @member It should be there, make sure that you are on a fairly recent firmware level, like 11.03.500+

Doenst help to enable in citrix, you have to enable in vmware horizon

here i have it in 11.03.262, which isnt a public firmware, but should be in 11.03.500 already

I am indeed running an older version ( These were shipped to me last week and I haven’t been into the office to connect to our new UMS server. Thanks for the great news and advice. I’ll see if I can get into the office to get up to 11.03.530 soon. (no remote UMS connectivity or ICG for us yet). Thanks for taking this noob under your wing. πŸ™‚

Hello @member , along with turning it on in the IGEL configuration, you need to make sure that the version of JVDI matches on IGEL/Horizon, as well as Jabber being on the correct version.

Cisco should be able to assist get the versions you need πŸ™‚

For what it’s worth; we have JVDI working, and working extremely well, in our Citrix environment. We are running IGEL firmware 11.03.500.x Also, you can have a newer version of the JVDI Agent and Jabber on your image, than the JVDI Client. JVDI Client version on IGEL is 12.7.1. This is supported by Cisco. In our VDI desktop image we have JVDI Agent 12.8.1 and Jabber 12.8.1 installed and, again, everything works great. We found that we had to install Jabber 12.8.1 to support a fallback scenario when Jabber cannot detect (or connect to) a JVDI Client

That’s interesting @member, all the people I have worked with were told by Cisco that the versions all needed to match.

@member, interested if you have seen this, I know we have talked about the versions needing to match before.

@member (However, the Cisco JVDI Client version can be the same, or up to two releases earlier. The earlier software version determines the available feature set.)

That’s actually really good news, and not what Cisco support has told a lot of people. Thank you for sharing @member πŸ™‚

My pleasure. We spent a great deal of time with it because of our call center people who are now working from home were having audio quality issues (go figure). It was either send physical phones out to each person, or get JVDI up and working with IGEL endpoints. This team in particular, has been very happy with JVDI

Yep, they seem to have changed that for 12.8 – that is excellent! It states that client version can be max of 2 versions behind and still be supported. That was not always the case.

Good your saw this, I hope it helps πŸ‘

Hi all. Quick followup. I was able to upgrade firmware and JVDI worked right out of the box. We’re running 12.8 currently. Amazing community. You guy are the best. I regret that it’ll be a while before I’m good enough with IGEL to give anything back. Happy Friday!

@member you’ve already contributed by providing results and feedback! Now I have another person to bounce JVDI questions off of (if you want, and vice-versa)!

We have several users testing JVDI Client 12.7 (IGEL firmware 11.03.110), JVDI Agent 12.8.1, and Jabber for Windows 12.8.2 successfully. There is not yet a JVDI 12.8.2 release, but seems to be working ok as long as they’re both on 12.8.x.

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