Does IGEL OS support Surface Pro? and Does anyone use Laptops with IGEL and LTE?

Double Hardware Question Today…. 2 Customers….. First one, want to use UDC with Surface Pro/2/6. In PoC we doesnt can use the LTE Modem. Are they supportet? Second part with the Surface, we try to use the touchscreens, so i enable the calibriation session but if i start it it closed after a second and show me error: Calibriation aborted: use old settings. Used Firmware 10.5.500 and a PB .633.

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Second customer. Want IGEL PoC for flexibel remote workers. So he want UDC with DELL/HP Business Laptops,…. the problem is the LTE modem support. Does anyone use Laptops with IGEL and LTE? Some modell suggestion will be VERY Nice πŸ™‚

Hi! Can you check if they are linux drivers for the concerned Modems? On surface touchscreen topic: letβ€˜s see what experiences other Slack users haveπŸ™

Regarding LTE supported laptops, Toshiba have a couple of models they do in an “IGEL” spec than can be requested with LTE that work. they can ship without an OS and spec with smaller storage drives and a more appropriate amount of RAM for out OS than a full Windows laptop spec to get the cost down a bit as well.

Tecra A40 and Portege Z30 I believe were the models.

Many thx πŸ™‚ One prob solved πŸ™‚

LTE chipsets supported are:

Huawei E3372 LTE 0x12D1:0x14DC

Sierra Wireless EM 7305 LTE 0x1199:0x9063

Sierra EM7345 LTE 0x1199:0xA001

HP Hs3110 HSPA+ LTE 0x03F0:0x521D

Hi! Did you get a solution for the problem with the touchscreen on Surface Pro 6?

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