Does IGEL OS suppoty H.265 hardware encoding / decoding?

Hey guys, is IGEL OS already supporting H.265 hardware encoding / decoding? And if so, on which LX Models?

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Don’t think it’s supported already, since MMCP only supports H.264

Hm… hoped maybe with the UD7 because of the GPU. I think Hardware would be supporting it already, but Firmware has to be extended

@member what’s the use case for it? Citrix? If so, receiver for Linux/workspace app do not have h265 implementation yet..

@member thanks for your answer, you‘re right, Receiver for Linux is not supporting H265 yet. But for Windows since 4.10, using it at my customers with NVIDIA gpu. Will ask Citrix hows the plan for that

@member Did you ever receive a response from Citrix on H.265 for Linux?

I asked the HDX / Workspace Team today here at Summit for the Plans – H265 for Receiver for Linux is still on the waiting list

@member so H265 (if citrix will add Support in Receiver 4 Linux, soon) would be possible with next UD Models including the Jetson Chip?

Probably yes.

So will the UD7 support H.265 once Citrix releases it for Linux, and you roll out an update to support it?

Will the UD7 support H.265 once Citrix releases it for Linux and you push the update out?

@member definately!

Do we know when Citrix plans to release it Linux?

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