Does IGEL UD Pocket support 3 monitors?

Hello, can someone tell me if the igel UD Pocket(s) support three monitors? I’m currently using two, and trying to get three going, but not sure if three will work. Thanks

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HI @member, that depends. We do support some specific graphicscards at least from Nvidia, but for instance on a laptop with a dock i would say probably not.

Hi Fredrik, okay thanks for the info. I’m currently using HP520 thin client(s), they have input support for VGA and two display ports. I currently have the VGA and one display port to DVI working, but was trying the other display to DVI. Thanks again.

Hello John, I’ll be back in the office on Monday, let me know if you want to have a web session.

Hi John, The HP t520 units only support two displays even though they have three output ports. It’s either the 2 DP ports OR 1 DP and 1 VGA. If memory serves it’s hardcoded into the BIOS.

Hello Cameron, thanks for the info, I was kinda wonder about that. Appreciate all the input. Thank you again!

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