Does IGEL UMS have logs, or an audit trail?

I had a UMS admin push a profile to the global directory, causing a system wide reboot. Are there logs, or and audit trail that I can use to find the user who made the change, and what changes were made?

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If you activated logging in UMS Administration / Logging and using AD login to UMS then yes.

Hi! Do you have the Logging feature enabled under Administration, Logging? That might help to find the configuration inititiator: Right click on device, Logging – Messages / Event

@member I don’t have that logging feature enabled but i am interested in enabling it. Is there anything that i should be aware of if i enable it? Does enabling that cause storage to bloat ect?

Well, yes… I would recommend to set up a few Cleanup Jobs under UMS Administration, Admin Tasks:

Delete Logging Data

Delete Job Execution Data

Delete Administrative Task Execution Data

Delete Process Events

but that should be enough👍

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