Does IGEL UMS require Internet access? Can IGEL UMS be set-up for only a local network connection?

We’ve purchased 4 thin clients with IGEL Workspace IGEL OS 11 license+installation. We’re hoping to install UMS on a seperate Windows Server sitting on the LAN and configure/register our thin clients there.

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Does UMS require a connection to the cloud (ILS?) to authenticate licenses? Or is this just to pull firmware updates/new licensing? Can our UMS be set-up with the 4x licenses we have with only a local network connection?


ILP connectivity is not necessary but would make the deployment of new devices a way easier:

and there, yes, UMS needs connectivity:

If you don‘t want that, you could use the manual licensing process:


Ok so UMS needs the connection the license cloud server ICG in order to active licenses and there’s no real manual option there.

Can UMS still function to send device settings? This KB article kinda makes it sound like it needs to find the licenses first:

Ok yeah we’d go with the manual license deployment option and transfer the x4 licenses from USB.

Just to be sure: the UMS doesn‘t need an connection to the ILP (License portal) if you import the license manually into the UMS (no need to use the USB Stick to install licenses there).

The UMS can send the settings even without licenses on the endpoint BUT you cannot use Sessions a.e. before having a license.

ICG (Cloud Gateway) btw. is only meant for devices outside your company (teleworkers a.e. or perimeter networks), just wanted to add that thing.

ah sorry that definitely clears it up. Thanks a lot for all the help today!

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