Does the IGEL M300C support dual monitors?

i have an igel m300c. and i need to figure or find out if i can have a dual monitor setup with extended monitors on this. is this possible? i have somewhat played arround with this but have not found a solution or usefull information yet. or if it is even possible

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First, it’s always good to use the latest firmware but in your case, we speak about a VIA endpoint so on OS11 they are limitations regarding graphic drivers:

In general, I would use the Display Switcher:

first of all, thanks for the quick reply! i have just read in the link that you sent me that it is only possible from the IGEL OS 11.01.100, the igel is very new to me and i have no clue where to find what OS i am running, is this the kernel version ? i have to be looking at ?

You are welcome! The Display Switcher is also available on OS10 btw. For the firmware version:

yes i have been looking for this but the igel that was given to me had the Linux kernel version 3.2.46 so it looks outdated and very different.

can you send a screenshot?

this is pretty much the only useful information I have

when was the display switch introduced to igel? if this OS is to outdated thats fine. just have to find out if it is possible

Ok, that’s really old… No display switcher there but you could use this:

im going to do a quick explanation, sooo i am on an internship at an IT company and they have given me this outdated igel which i have been busy on for to long. i have to find a way to connect it so the monitors can extend but both monitors only have VGA outputs, i have now connected the igel with DVIi to VGA to one monitor and DVIi to VGA to another VGA which goes to the second monitor, my second monitor does not do anything. but the igel can identify 2 of them. with the screenshot you have given me

as you can see the right side is DVI to vga but with an extra piece in the middle, thats the side thats not working and i dont know why. would this work if instead i plugged the VGA into a male to female converted and straight into the igel?

I mean the M300c was before I joined but it should support dual screen over the Dual-Link DVI. I remember that there was some issues with adapters, especially when they didn’t get delivered by us. Can you check another adapter, just to be sure? I’m pretty sure you need one DVI and one VGA, another VGA Adapter might cause this issue, yes.

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