Does the official release of IGEL OS have an updated amdgpu driver?

Will the next official release have an updated amdgpu driver? I have a couple of devices with Renoir GPUs and they are using the fbdev driver.

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11.04.240 has –> Graphics Driver ATI/AMDGPU | 19.1.0-1+git20200318igel986

Thanks. That’s the version that I’m running at the moment so I think I need a more recent amdgpu driver.

I will ask, is there a specific version you are looking for?

I believe any driver from 2020 will work. I just tried setting registry key x.drivers.preferred_driver to amdgpu but it still loads fbdev.

Happy to test things, but I assume I can’t just install my own kernel modules?

you could partially but I would rather go the standard way. Let me check.

The newest AMDGPU driver currently available is 19.1.0-2+git20200828igel1064 which is included in tech preview 11.04.912.tp1.

But no idea if that’s an improvement for your Renoir GPUs.

Any chance I can give the tech preview a try?

I’m sorry, @member, I hadn’t realized this Technical preview was used for one support case so far and wasn’t publicly announced. Let me get back to you tomorrow how to proceed in this case.

No worries. I’m not in a real rush. I just hope to see how well these units can handle 3D graphics rendering.

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