Does UD3-LX support IGEL OS 11?

Does UD3-LX support OS11?

In general yes, but it depends from your modell;

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UD3-LX60, UD3-LX 51, UD3-LX 50

Specific model is UD3-LX 51ac

This is our ONLY IGel manufactured thin client – others are all UDC

Yes! Works smoothly!

Hrmmm – then not sure what the issue is. I have assigned the firmware to it, but it fails trying to download from when it should be pulling the firmware from local UMS

I am going to try the upgrading to the latest version of V10, before 11 to see if that makes a difference

Yes. would make sense. We addressed a few Upgrade Bugs in latest 10.06.170

Just in case: which UMS Version are you using and how are you distributing the Updates? From UMS or FTP? Please don‘t forget that on OS10 you need the LX Firmware not OS.

Doh! I was trying to use OS firmware…… I thought they were “unified” in v11

In OS11 they are unified! But on v10 not😄

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