Ekiga don’t save the audio codecs settings on IGEL OS

Hello. I have a problem with the audio codecs in Ekiga and hope someone can help me. My problem is that Ekiga don’t save the audio codecs settings. After a reboot the system set the default settings. Is there a trick or is it possible to change the default configuration over the terminal. In UMS I didn’t found any options to configurate the audio codecs for eikga. Thx for your help! Kind regards Holger

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Hello Holger, which codec exactly, are you trying to set and which Firmware are you using atm.?

Thx for your reply! I’m trying to use PCMA und I have 11.04. I have the same problem with 11.03.

You are welcome, I guess this setting is already se, right? Could you also provide a screenshot where you are trying to set it up?

yes, this setting is already set. 😞 Any other setting will take over, only the audio codecs don’t work.

Could you provide a screenshotof the setting inside the client you want to have set?

yes, with the same result. what i’m missing in the registry is the media_list in audio like in video. I think there must be the problem.

Do you have a screenshot by hand how it should looks like if you set it manually?

It should look like this:

The good thing: I can reproduce the issue πŸ˜„ The bad, I have look how to solve it πŸ˜„

πŸ˜„ …. I trust in you πŸ™‚

thx for your help!

Seems to work: Will send you a profile in a second!

Here we go, profile attached. Please import it into UMS, assign, Reboot(mandatory) and test!

You save my day! Thx a lot! It seems to work. Tomorrow I will do a field test and give you a feedback.

Happy to help!! Keep my fingers crossed for your tomorrows testπŸ‘

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