ELO AIO machines resolution is not correct running from IGEL UD Pocket, same device with IGEL OS locally works fine

We are in the process of finally updating some of our older ELO AIO machines from firmware version 10.x to 11. I have noticed that the ELOs that have UD Pockets that have been updated to 10.5.800, the resolution is not correct. No matter what I change the resolution to it does not fix or change the issue. Few things to note: 1. The same model ELOs that have been updated that have the IGEL software locally installed work fine, it is just the ones with the UD Pockets. 2. The same model ELOs without the upgrade to 10.5.800, when selecting the identify montiors it shows DVI-D and internal manual. However the ELOs that are still on 10.4 show HDMI. Adidtionally, the updated ELOs monitor specs are no longer showing up in UMS.

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The Display configuration shows sometime another Output but before going too deep, would you mind test the Hardware with 10.06.220? The 10.05 had some issues on Display configuration.

Will do. I did update one to 11.4 and the issue remains.

@member upgrade to 10.06 did not work. It is like it does not see the montior at all anymore. Display switch will not even open.

Can you ssh / shadow the device when it happens?


Visual difference between the exact same model Elo. One on 10.6 the other on 10.4. Manually setting resolution does not work. Display switch will no even open on upgraded 10.6 device.

Which GPU(s) is(are) installed on that machine?

Taking the UD Pocket out and booting to windows, it shows Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 Series. UMS shows VESA.

Ok, that might be the cause. Could you check if this device works fine if a factory reset is performed (just to avoid some driver misconfiguration) without any profiles assigned?

I did that as well. No go.

I mean, could you provide the exact modelnumber? I would like to check the Techspecs.

Do you have this device by hand? Could you check if that work:

That worked! I tested it on one that I had done a factory reset on and one that I did not and both fixed the issue. Thank you so much! Also, I do not have these on site and system just said ELO AIO. Doing some digging, it is the C2 model, just in case you need it for your KB. www.elotouch.com/c-series-discontinued-july-2016.html

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