Error adding IGEL OS to UMS, receive “error: Failed to send command data”

Hi all, our customer has a problem to add an IGEL UD3-LX51 into the UMS, He gets the following error: Failed to send command data. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

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All Igels or just one? If one then try to factory reset. Push escape at boot and choose factory reset. Solves many strange things……

I know, already told him to reset the Igel, but it doesn’t help. He has now another one with another error: Servers Response message invalid

I just asked the customer if he has something changed on the Server.

Hi Jeffrey, this article may help:

Which UMS / Igel OS version are you using?

UMS: 6.03.130 / IGEL OS: 11.02.150 and 10.06.120

The options in the article above does not fix this problem.

Some Windows Windows Firewall / Antivirus in use?

Could the customer restart the IgelRMGuiServer service?

Windows Firewall is Off. You mean restart the (UMS) Server?

I more meant the Windows Service under services.msc

Unfortunately still the same Error.

Still seeing it as a network error. Are they other Igels on that network?

Yes there are en they are working well. But he only gets the error when adding igels into the UMS

What happens when resetting another device to factory defaults? Can you register this one?

No same problem

Sure that noone changed „something“ on Network side? 😄

or some SSL Inspection?


I will ask him again😀

The customer disabled/turned off his (Layer 7)P2P network and it works!! Now he can put the Igels into the UMS! Thanks anyway Sebastien & Henk-Jan 👍

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