“Error adding store:AM_ERROR_HTTP_REQUEST_FAILED[65151]” connecting IGEL UDC3 Client to our Citrix farm

Hello, i get an error “Error adding store:AM_ERROR_HTTP_REQUEST_FAILED[65151]” by connecting my udc3 Client OS11.01.100.01 to our Citrix farm . Has anyone an idea?

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Hi! Can you try to access citrix by using a browser session on the endpoint? Would be interesting to see if it works there.

Yes that works fine

Can you share what you are using? Storefront / Netscaler ? I guess https but I prefer ask.

Can you show us how you configured your citrix Session?

the Storefronts 3.12.4000 are loadbalance with the netscaler 12.1. build 51.16. session

The richttext file seems to be corrupted (at least for meπŸ™ˆ). Can you upload the screenies directly to Slack maybe?

Try this Sebastian

Thanks @member πŸ‘

@member can you provide a screenie of the server settings as well? If confidential, a PM would help also.

The solution is: the root CA certificate was broken and I had to be replaced them. Thanks @member for your help!!!!πŸ‘

Glad to help. Teamviewer Sessions are still the fastest debug way, thanks for having allowed this so quickly.

So… back in office, here is what we did:

1) We tested the access through a Firefox Session, that worked BUT with a certificate error

2) changed the server (Store Adress) to mynetscaler.com mynetscaler.com WITHOUT any Domains or Path to store

3) Reuploaded the RootCA Certificate as Common Purpose certificate to UMS

4) removed old files/reboot

and that worked.

Happy weekend to everyone!!

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