Error “AM_ERROR_AUTH_NETWORK_ERROR [65275]” adding store in Citrix Workspace App version 20.x on IGEL OS 11.04

Hi folks,

Since the update of our IGEL to version 11.04.2xx I have had a problem accessing our Citrix environments. These are Windows 10 VDI / Xen Desktop / 1912 LTSR CU2 and XenApp 1912 LTSR CU2. Access only works if we use Workspace App 19.12 and the authentication type is changed from password authentication to Citrix authentication mechanism (instead of IGEL) in the StoreFront login. If I use the normal “password authentication” mode, you can log on to the WSA, the system tries to provide the applications, but nothing happens.

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If I set up a workspace app version 20.xx, an error occurs immediately: Error adding store: AM_ERROR_AUTH_NETWORK_ERROR [65275]. I have already looked here in the IGEL Community and also tested some tips there. SSLciphers on ALL was just as unsuccessful as a factory reset.

In this context, the Citrix configuration is initially only tested locally, so that profiles or UMS can be excluded.

The certificates on the IGEL are up-to-date and should fit.

The new firmwares are required because we want to provide and use Cisco Webex via our Citrix environments.

Do you have any ideas or tips?

Hi Claudio, if you try to access your environment with 20.xx but with a Browser Session, does it work then?

Hi Sebastien,

in Firefox and Chromium I get the message, SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER. This is probably because the certificate was created by an internal CA. If I accept the risk and log in via the portal, I can see the store and the applications. These can then be started with the WSA 20.xx without any problems.

Ok, can you export your certificate (Root CA, etc) in base64 Format and import them to UMS?

Choose common certificate:

Assign it to endpoint and retry?

I will try this and give a feedback…

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. Could TLS be an issue? We have TLS 1.0-1.2. still in use.

If you open the Certificate files with a Notepad, what do they look like? Do they start with Begin Certificate?



Does the Webbrowser work now?

Now it works. The issue was the certificate (common needed – not ssl) as well the latest storefront version.

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