Error “Cannot provide the requested gstreamer version” starting Cromium or Firefox browser session on IGEL OS

When starting a Cromium or Firefox browser session, the following error message appears in the lower right corner:

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Cannot provide the requested gstreamer version, because another session or the configuration of the system locks it.

The session may have degraded performance.

However, the browser works afterwards without any noticeable problems.

What could be the cause of this error message?

Moreover, how do I get rid of it?

Hello Thomas which IGEL OS version are you using? Is BCR in use?

I use

What is BCR?

Browser Content Redirection

Did you try to connect before ?

Are both browsers launching when booting the device?

Hello @member, normally you will see this when Citrix is in the same environment. That is where the BCR setting comes from.

Sessions -> Citrix -> Citrix Global -> HDX Media -> Browser content redirection

You can disable gstreaminer for Firefox in

Sessions -> Firefox Browser -> Firefox Browser Global -> Advanced -> Disable GStreamer in Browser

Checking these may help 🙂

Thanks to all for the tips.

Not that I know of, Browser Content Redirection means nothing to me.

We don’t have a Citrix environment, we just use RDP.

When I Disable GStreamer in Browser the error message still comes up.

To make sure RDP and local browser sessions agree on the same gstreamer version, you could try to set the following in the IGEL Registry:

_multimedia.gstreamer.version -> 1.0_

_sessions.browser%.gstreamer_version -> either_

_sessions.winconnect%.gstreamer_version -> either_

For licencing reasons IGEL OS can only provide one version of gstreamer at a time.

Because specific sessions types do not work with both versions it’s not always possible to use them at same time.

Hello @member look again by the another profile. I had the same problem.

Remove the firefox browser setting and try it again. Here exist a dependency between these two browsers.

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