Error connecting IGEL OS to ICG – says connected but receive “Error: Failed to register the device at the UMS”

Getting error when connecting endpoint to icg. it says i am connected to the icg but get Error: Failed to register the device at the UMS.

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Which UMS / ICG / Igel OS Version are you using?

Sorry, that might help. Just built icg so version 2.01.110. UMS is 6.04.120. The UPD is on

On OS10, you will need ICG Licenses on UMS side. Are there some left?

Yes, only using 13 of our 100 licenses. This is under the deployment section under licenses. not sure if icg requires it somewhere else

Usually this is caused by some kind of load balancer or firewall that is in front of the ICG that is doing traffic shaping / manipulation.

Is there anything in front of the ICG, or between ICG and UMS that could be doing traffic manipulation?

There is a firewall between the icg (in dmz) and both internal and external resources. That was my first thought, but you can never tell a firewall guy he didn’t do something correct! I have a ticket open with igel but was hoping i might get some kind of an answer here who might have had a similar issue.

If they are doing direct port passthrough for 8443 it should be OK, but if they are doing anything else it won’t. Can you ping me the public address? I can run a quick test to see if I can see anything

Hoping to get an answer as we are experiencing the same issue 🙂 all help appreciated as ever

Have you already had the chance to check the ideas sent above? Which versions are you using?

Exactly same versions as its a new instal , UMS has just been updated to latest, we have 90 licences spare.. when the device is already built on local lan and we connect to ICG it goes through however IF I factory reset and try to add back it connects to ICG just will not register on UMS. Hope that makes sense, thanks

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