Error: “Count not connect to the Secure Gateway” trying to install using the remote installer

Hi All,

im using the remote installer for the first time.

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I was able to get install the new keystore and run the remote installer. But I am getting the follow error.

“Count not connect to the Secure Gateway”

Then when I checked on the status on the ICG it looks like the services are not up. Isn’t it suppose to be up and running after doing the remote installer?

below is the status in the console

Is this a brand new ICG install? Is your keystore signed via UMS or is it a public CA?

Hi Nick, Yes the keystore is signed via UMS and installed on the ICG.

now when trying to start the service I get this:

If you did the remote installer, did you have Python pre-installed? Try to do the manual install instead and see if that works; you may have to remove it from UMS and re-add.

Hi Nick,

Linux team said python has been preinstalled.

Also I worked with IGEL engineer and we uninstalled it also and reinstalled manually..

Is this Ubuntu 18.04.x ? Do you have any third-party antivirus etc on the Ubuntu server that might be interrupting the startup? Can you run netstat -a | grep 8443 to ensure no other services are already using 8443?

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