Error “error exchanging passwords!” registering IGEL OS devices

Anyone come across an issue when registering a TC for the first time, we get an error “error exchanging passwords!”. We have 50-60 registered IGC clients already, so this is a first. We tried creating a new mass deployment password, however that does not work either.

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Hrmm – looks like ICG is disconnected. When clicking the connect button, I see the following, but it remains in a disconnected state

Hey @member, I know there were a few fixes concerning ICG connection drops in the latest UMS and ICG releases. Can you provide the versions of UMS/ICG you are currently running?


What version of UMS?


That should be past the point where we had known issues. If you check resources are RAM/CPU utilization pegged by chance?

on either UMS or ICG?

No, both running less than %5 CPU.

I just rebooted ICG, did not help

Any network changes made, firewall or routing possibly?

There was a failover to our backup ISP, but no routing/firewalling

After rebooting ICG, the status is now connected, but still getting the password error.

Can you send a screenshot of the error by chance?

Not really. It is on the ICG setup screen where it shows the cert fingerprint, and the password field

You could try restarting UMS, but other than that I think it would be best to contact support

Will do.


Looks like it was a timing issue. I just went to get something to eat, came back and everything is working again. I wonder if there is some kind of polling agent in ICG?

@member can you maybe check if Time is consistent between ICG/UMS/Endpoint?

The system time is within 0.1 seconds of each other.

Oh well, that was my first thought… Ok…

Either way, seems to be back up and running after a reboot of ICG. Thanks for the help @member and @member

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