Error “Failed to load backend for ‘applicaten/pdf'” opening PDF in FireFox

Hey guys! Can someone help me with a pdf Problem in mozilla Firefox? When I try to open a pdf I get the following error: Failed to load backend for ‘applicaten/pdf’ cannot open shared object file No such file or directory.

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Hey maximilian, which Firmware are are you using?

There was a bug inside of Firefox.

FF is off the hook for this one. It’s the CUPS partition that’s probably not enabled. Inside cups is also this libpoppler which is needed by the external document viewer to render PDFs.

But wasn‘t it fixed on actual Firmwares @member that disabling cups feature results in this behavior?

I use Igel OS 11.04.240

Did you disabled unneeded Features like mentioned by jo?

System, Firmware Customization, Features?

My build has libpoppler still inside /services/cups. But let me check 11.04.240. On the other hand the missing lib is a giveaway.

Yeah i disabled the CUPS

Then Jo is to 100% right, let‘s wait for his findings.

Okey i have enabled CUPS and it worked. Ty all

So, in my 11.04.240, I get your findings without CUPS.

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