Error: “HTTP response code said error” downloading wallpaper on IGEL OS

Hello Team,

I’m trying to setup a custom wallpaper for my IGEL devices. I was able to use a Firmware Customization policy to create a Wallpaper customization. I applied it to one of my test machines, but I received an HTTP Error as you can see below. Any guidance would be helpful.

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“Error during download” … “HTTP response code said error”


Can you check if you are able to access the file? Create a Browser Session on this endpoint, Starturl: yourumsserver:8443/ums_filetransfer/

Login in there with your UMS User and try to open your picture.

If you don‘t get a User logon prompt, I would assume that Port 8443 is blocked Endpoint=>UMS

Is there a way for me to change the port that gets used? Say for example through HTTPS instead? I am looking at the Custom Wallpaper section under User Interface>Desktop> Custom Wallpaper Server – and it’s all greyed out.

I wasn’t able to set any of this beforehand. I was only able to set custom wallpaper options via the Firmware Customization policy

Theoretically yes, but why exactly?

Let‘s assume you followed the step by step guide from @member

As soon as you upload a picture through the Firmware Customization function, everything is setup for you and you only need to assign it the the structure. No need to setup things on CI in profiles

I did follow that guide and it is all configured already as described in the guide. I assume I’ll just have to test further to see why connectivity isn’t working.

Thank you for the tip.

Yes, keep my fingers crossed! Just to give you an answer: UMS Administrator:

for general Port configuration…

I see. I glanced over the admin console prior. I just wasn’t clear what all that port applied to. Thank you again for the details!

So something that I realized is that we also use screen savers setup through firmware customization’s, and they’re uploaded to the same directory as the wallpapers. We don’t have any issues with the IGEL’s pulling the screen savers.

Ok, sounds logical. Did you tried to delete the wallpaper, empty the Bin, take maybe another picture, rename it to wallpaper.jpg et reupload it by Firmware Customization. Then reassign it to test.

I can try starting from scratch. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Just to report. I went through and remade everything. I didn’t however rename the files and still got the error. After renaming the wallpaper files I was using, removing any spaces and special characters, it now seems to work. The test desktop was able to pull the background image.

Thank you for your help!

That was what I wanted to test, you are great! You are welcome!

Good debugging Rone. We should have some sort of filter to prevent the use of spaces or replace them with underscore.

I wrote our technical writers to add a hint regarding file names to the KB article.

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