Error: “HTTP response code said error: response code: 404” updating firmware on IGEL OS

Hello, I am having issues updating firmware on IGEL from UMS. Recently I deleted all firmware, re-downloaded firmware, created new profiles, made sure paths to firmware matched up properly, rebooted IGEL UMS server, verified on UMS directory firmware files existed, still have issues, See screenshots.

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“Error: HTTP response code said error: response code: 404.”

Any ideas. I can’t upgrade my firmware to OS11. I have licenses available BTW.

Hello, to verify permissions you can use your favorite browser, connect to UMSSERVERIP:8443/ums_filetransfer, login as your admin account (specified during UMS install) if you can do that , 8443 is open, check. try to download a file, if you can do that, read permissions are OK, check. If you can put a file there, write permissions are ok, check.

One thing I have found is that creating a host entry for the UMS server in a separate profile and assigning that to your devices can resolve this issue.

@member Thanks for the reply and post. Yes I can access the UMS server and download a file. That tells me there is nothing wrong with the UMS server. I wonder if there is something I am missing on the IGEL device i.e. network setting, DNS issue, I will start testing now to take a look. Great feedback bud!

@member you could then try to open a browser session on the endpoint and retry that process. If that works, we could sort Network out!

@member 404 means that the target wasn’t found.

On a standard UMS Server the port for filetransfers are 8443., validate that you have the port in the address to the firmware (umsserverip:8443/ums_filetransfer…… )

Hi @member did you find a resolution to this problem? I’m facing the same issue with firmware download/upgrade to OS11.

@member did you tried the upgrade tool to see which step is missing?

Can you access the server path when using a Browser Session?

i can ping server the name form the UD3.

i have tried from a Windows machine. Yes i can but it prompted me for authentication first. Then i could access the path.

From what I‘m seeing: there is a (1) in the path with a blank at the beginning. Please try to delete the Firmware under Universal Firmware Update and redownload a newer one instead, like 11.03.100

Looks like that was the issue. Thank you so much for the fix and quick responce!

You are welcome! Happy to help!

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