Error: “igelrm_agent: ERROR: Server certificate doesn’t match” migrating UMS

Hello – We are migrating from a (working) local UMS to a private cloud UMS (Azure). I exported the working local certificate & imported into the cloud UMS. When the test device tries to register with the cloud UMS, we get a syslog message: igelrm_agent: ERROR: Server certificate doesn’t match. Is there a way to clear the device’s expected cert so we can register for the first time? Thanks, Matthew

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Hello Mathew,

You mean without resetting it to factory Defaults?

1. I would remove the server.crt in /wfs open a terminal (Accessories, Terminal, +), login as root, issue rm /wfs/server.crt

2. Register the device in new UMS

You could also switch to CLI by pressing ctr alt f11

Do you have access to the old UMS Server?

yes, the old UMS is handy…

i see these in the log so i think connectivity is good:

systemd[1]: Started Report battery status to UMS.

systemd[1]: igel-battery-status.service: Succeeded.

i’ll try removing the server.crt as you suggest…thanks!

Beside removing the Cert, I would also check if the Time on UMS / Endpoint are set correctly👍

endpoint was 5 mins behind UMS…now sync’d

good guidance! the device is registered & i am now able to import the profile (which failed previously)…the device shows with a red icon & the UMS can’t seem to get some device info (run time, etc.)…i’ll see if i can work through those…thanks again!

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