Error in connecting IGEL OS to CItrix “AM_ERROR_AUTH_NOT_SUITABLE_LOGON_PROTOCOL[65270]”

A question regarding Citrix, at a new customer when trying to setup the Citrix Connection in IGEL I always get the error

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‘Error in connection, error given: AM_ERROR_AUTH_NOT_SUITABLE_LOGON_PROTOCOL[65270]’

Its an Igel LX51, FW Version is 11.02.

Can anyone point me to where I would be looking to fix this one?

What happens when opening the connection through Webbrowser? Is there maybe a OTP or two factor authentification?

When connecting trough browser it works fine, also no, there is no 2FA or OTP in place.

Which Citrix Storefront / VDA are you using?

Its Storefront 1912 / XenApp 7.13

Can you change the Auth Method like described here and retry? Just in case, can you give 11.03.500 a chance?

In Citrix, have you delete the original store created in Storefront and create a one new?

No, I didnt do that so far. Being not too familiar with Citrix this is also something I’d like to avoid to do.

I did the update to 11.03.500 as well as the changes you proposed, with the same result, if i change the auth method it doesnt even give me a login prompt

No no, that’s fine, don’t do it. I’m asking because it’s look like something goes wrong in authentication; in the past, others people have the issue if they delete the default store that is created when you install Storefront, and this breaks authentication. If you edit the default store or leave it as is and add your own store, everything works fine. Once you delete the default store, Authentication is broken. In the case, you can fix this by uninstalling Storefront and reinstalling.

But this seems not to be your case.

Ok, got it

It was a problem on Citrix side, Passwordlogin was disabled.

Only these 2 logins were enabled on the store

Therefore, I’ll put a green checkmark here and will look closer at Citrix config next time, thanks a lot @member and @member

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