Error “Integer expression expected” starting up browser session after upgrading to IGEL OS 11.03.110

Getting this error when starting up my browser session after upgrading to Any ideas?

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“Integer expression expected”

This browser session is a custom application that starts firefox with a URL, -width and -height arguments.

Did you tried to start the session as user instead of root context?

I assume so. All I did was doubleclick on the browser session shortcut on the desktop

The window on the left in the screenshot is just me checking out what’s in the file referenced in the error

Can you send us the command you used in your custom application?

Right now, it’s just “firefox our-url” without quotes

Was Firefox already started?

I’ll try making a new Firefox profile and manually copying over settings. I’m guessing there’s a registry setting from the old profile that doesn’t work correctly with the new firmware maybe

Can you configure a dummy session under SessionBrowserSessions+

and then replace your start command by:

/config/sessions/browser0 URL

I figured it out. I had another profile that was setting global firefox settings to a kiosk browser, so I changed around some settings to see what’s causing the issue. When the option “Hide URL Input” is enabled, firefox does not seem to be accepting a URL as parameter. It simply just shows a blank page.

The error message from the original post is no longer an issue btw, it went away when I saved the profile version.

Great! Thanks for your feedback, I‘m still testing the 11.03.110 version, will queue this in!

Guys, I have to confirm the urlbar-bug like you have described.

With last kiosk mode fix (10.03.110) we fixed the removal of the entire navbar (I mean, remove the navbar and don’t loose your browsercontent).

I had also tested urlbar removal and found it working. But now it turns out, it works only once with a freshly reset browser-profile: upon browser restart the web content is lost, again.

But good news: to fix you have to use the same userchrome CSS-trickery which was needed to mend the navbar.

If need be, I can provide a custom command to make the 11.03.110 work urlbar-removal-wise.

Hi Jo, I’d be interested in hearing how you got it working via userchrome!

The short version: Replace _#urlbar {display: none; visibility: hidden; …_ to_: #urlbar {visibility: collapse;…_

Awesome, thanks! And what needs to be set in the Browser settings to accompany this?

This is the whole custom cmd:

_cp /services/fbrw/bin/firefox_preferences /services/fbrw/bin/firefox_preferences__

_cat > /services/fbrw/bin/firefox_preferences <<“EOF”_


_/services/fbrw/bin/firefox_preferences_ “$@”_

_sed -i ‘s+#urlbar {display: none; visibility: hidden;+#urlbar {visibility: collapse;+’ /userhome/.mozilla/firefox/browser0/chrome/userChrome.css_


If you set the usual “Hide URL input” from the setup, the userchrome (which is created by config tools) is corrected as needed.

Put the custom cmd in Base/initialization.

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