Error “Internal error: java.lang.NullPointerException See log files for details” pushing licenses after updating to IGEL UMS 6.07

Hi everyone. We recently updated to UMS 6.07. When I try to push licenses, I get the message “Internal error: java.lang.NullPointerException See log files for details.

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Hi Carlo, is there a useful entry in:

UMS Server: IGELRemoteManagerrmguiserverlogs, Catalina

There are many logs !!!!

Yes, but you only need the Catalina one☺️

Here it is. Do I need to keep all the old ones? There are hundreds of them

The Rotate Job should clean it up, but you could move the really old ones (months or years ago, into a temp folder, and then delete them if unneeded).

Are you using external or embedded DB?


So ok to move these to a temp folder and delete after one week?

Yes, should be fine. But please take care of never deleting the actual ones.

Would you mind restarting the IGELRMGUISERVER Service on your UMS Server and retry?

sure thing

ok. All Set. It took awhile !!! Try again?

Yes, please!

Worse case, I can reboot the server.

What happens if you test the ILP Connection?

Test connection:

What if you go to ILP from your Browser? Pack there, not archived? Time/date correct on UMS Server? If Server reboot doesn‘t help would you mind deleting the pack from UMS and reimport the DLV token again?

I will reboot the server

same issue

Did you go through the other suggestions already?

I will try that

Worse case….we maybe remove the packs entirely and re-import?

yes, exactly, like described, from UMS and then assuming you are using ALD Token reimport that one!

So I can’t pull the licenses packs

Yet they are all here !!!

is there issues with activation license portal?

No, that I would see. Ich can pull mines. Did you delete the pack in UMS and re-registered the Token in the meantime?

It appears to be spin-wheeling for me when accessing

Something is not right. When going to the igel licensing page, this comes up

I was able to delete the pack and re-add it

Ok, then i would recommend to open a ticket please and keep us in the loop, please.

Sure. Can you please let me know best practice to open ticket?

I figured it out. I called the 415 number

There were some brief issues with the license portal earlier that should now be resolved – are you still encountering the same issue?

NOPE. It’s fixed now !

Must have been that

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