Error “No Permissions” adding new AD Domain Groups to IGEL UMS

We are adding new AD Domain Groups to our IGEL UMS – using Administration accounts option to manage access, but we get the error “No Permissions”. We have done the following troubleshooting:

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• We select the AD Domain Group in the “Administrator accounts” and execute the “Member” and all the people in the Domain Group do appear.

• We have another AD Domain Group that is setup just like the Domain Group we are having problems but it works fine.

• We have removed the AD Domain Group from UMS that we are having issue with and re-added it but it still fails.

We could use some assistance. Thanks

So you imported through the Administrator account section through ldap? Does the console populate the members correctly?

There is also an Access Control section for each subtree of the UMS console. You will need to populate permissions for your new group here. You can right click (Devices/Profiles/Etc) and choose Access Control. Or you can do this at the top level and have it inherit down to everything by right clicking on “IGEL Universal Management Suite 6” at the very top of your console.

I think we found the problem. The one group seam to inherit our settings. We are working through applying the Security Settings for this other group.

I have another question about using UMS Access Control. We have the following setting and when we click on the “Write” option all the “Allow” boxes that were unchecked get checked for all the Permissions. Why is that?

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