Error “No such field” on every click after upgrading IGEL UMS

Updated UMS to 6.03.130 and now receiving this error on every single click. Any ideas? Has anyone seen this before or have a fix in mind?

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“No such field”

I had that yesterday – you have to reinstall the client from the 6.03.130 package. There have been some changes to the UMS that require the clients and main install to version match.

BTW – there have also been changes to where and how it is going to updates.

New features: ============================================================================= CARE !!!: [UMS common] – Changed: All IGEL services and resources like the firmware update server (which was and is now and the IGEL Knowlegde Base ( are now contacted via HTTPS. It is now important to allow the https port (default 443) and the new address ( in the firewall rules and the proxy rules. (Please see Problem

From UMS 6.03.130 onwards, the UMS contacts (port 443) instead of (port 80). This may be blocked by a firewall.


Our firewall was blocking – your results may vary 🙂

Thanks Michael, let me look at those items and I will re post when fixed.

@member Thank you for the response on this thread and assisting @member! Sorry for the late reply also as I’m going through and catching up on all of the Community activity that I missed over the holidays. Happy New Year!

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