Error “Pack information couldn’t be retrieved” manually uploading license tokens into IGEL UMS

Hello. We recently have been having issues with uploading new license purchase into UMS. We are currently on version 6.05 and it just errors out when we try to update manually with the token (Error reads, Pack information couldn’t be retrieved). Please advise.

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Hi Carlo! Which action are you running on the UMS side to produce this error?

A screenshot of the button or dialog window would be helpful.

Hello Carlo, just in case, did you noticed the ILP Move a couple of weeks ago?

You might have to check your DNS / Proxy:

What happens when you click Test connection ?

It fails. But Sebastien might be on to something !!!!

He usually is 😉

We are going to check. You should here back from me within the next day

Do we know if specific DNS Ports need to be enabled to alow these IP addresses in?



So we made some changes on the Firewall side….and unfortunately it didn’t work. Do we need to allow both the AND ?

Would help, yes but fwus isnt mandatory.

The usual checklist would be:

• DNS Cache refresh

• server reboot

• check if you can access in a browser on the UMS Server

• check if your NTP Server is setting date / time correctly

• check your Antivirus

• if Geo DNS is enabled, check if Netherlands are allowed

will do

Do we need a firewall rule going outbound to ?

since we block Netherlands?

Yes, please! The new serverblock is hosted in the netherlands.


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