Error “UC1-LX No valid license” booting IGEL OS device

OK, I have a question, I have had to manually remove Licenses from the IGEL Licenses Portal for devices that have been off line for more than a year so to recover Licenses to deploy new devices. Now I have a problem that the device was powered back on and is giving me a Product ID of “UC1-LX No valid license”. I look on the ILP and the Unit ID for the device is in two separate UDC3 License Packs. I have removed the UMS Cert from the Device, Deleted Unit ID from both Licenses Packs and then reset it to Defaults. Still Comes back up with the “UC1-LX No valid license” and not able to launch a session. Any one have any ideas?

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Strange, indeed. Ok, let‘s get the things sorted out:

• you still have OS10 UDC licences left, right?

• you have your UMS Licensing ID and / OR ALD Token registered in ILP, correct?

• the communication between UMS / ILP is green when pressing the Test Connection Button?

• what happens when pressing the 🔄 button in your ALD Section?

• can you assign a license manually?

• which UMS / Igel OS are you using?

To add to Sebastien’s list…is an old instance of the device sitting in the UMS recycle bin? I’ve had a couple that threw fits until I either restored or deleted from UMS and let it register as an entirely new device

Yes I have OS 10 and OS 11 License available, Net New Devices are still getting licenses assigned. I do get a Green Successful connection when testing from the UMS. There is nothing in the Recycle Bin in any of my UMS servers (I have 4) and when I do a refresh Pack information it does not appear to make any changes, But I will say that I have not tried that and will retest now that the UMS has refreshed the Pack info. Problem is that the device is off line this morning so It may be a while before I can get the tech to power it back up. Just odd that it got two and keeps getting them, so in some way the Refresh kind of makes since. Let you when I test it out, Thanks for all the input.

Here is another odd thing I noticed on the ILP. If I go to the License Pack and select Show Hardware and put in the Unit ID I see it in the List. If I select Remove Hardware it is not there.

The Remove Hardware Screen shot.

Was this ever resolved? I am having a very similar issue with a UD3. I have removed the license and both let it auto assign and manually assign it and the Product ID still says “No Valid License”. I also removed the device (including out of recycling) and added it back. I found I can repeatedly scan for the device and find it over and over again to be added up it doesn’t update. It shows the license is added each time though in ILP, device licenses in UMS, and on the device itself, the .lic file is there.

Which firmware are you using? Can you remove the license locally and retry?

• create a new profile

• copy the following one liner into: System, Firmware Customisation, Custom Commands, Desktop, Final Desktop Command

`mount -o remount,rw /license; find . | grep -iRl “.*lic” /license/dsa/licenses/ | xargs -I {} rm -rf {}; mount -o remount,ro /license`

• Remove the profile after

• Reboot all devices one time

• Devices should get licenses

Firmware is 11.01.130

I have used Secure Terminal and all of the steps I outlined above including going in there and remove the .lic file from the IGEL before trying to relicense it. Reboots were a part of all of those as well.

I would definitely check the NTP and do an update to 11.04.240 please.

I was able to resolve most of my issues, but mine were different than yours. I have had something similar to that where it would not get a License but it was already had one in the Console. I had to look to see if the Unit ID matched the Eth0 Mac address. If they did not I had to reset the devices so that it was correct and then it started working. I get that from time to time if they Build a new Laptop IGEL device while on a Docking Station and the License is set with the Doc port Mac address as the Unit ID and tied back to the license. Let me know if yours is the same and I can get you the process to do it.

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