Error “Your organization’s configuration prevents downloads” after IGEL OS firmware upgrade?

Who knows this error It happens after a firmware upgrade. I think it’s a browser thing (Citrix in Appliance mode) but can’t find it and they cannot start a desktop after login to Storefront.

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“Your organization’s configuration prevents downloads”

Which firmware version?


Are you using any proxy configurations?

No, straight on in Appliance mode to the storefront login

Strange thing but a factory reset solved the problem :thinking_face:

My bets are on _hide-local-filesystem_

If _Browser > [sessionname] >Window>hide-local-filesystem_

is checked, then the browser tries to prevent downloads. The Cirtrix session comes as file, I presume.

I checked that but that one was not checked (oke, strange line with both check 😁) . Strange enough a factory reset solved it. After this I gave it the same profile settings as before and the error was gone and I could log on to the Citrix workspace.

@member I also experienced this issue but only once so far. No change to my Firefox config, it just happened on a single device out of the blue. I also ended up doing a factory reset since I couldn’t find the root cause.

Still same problem here. We have a new Storefront server and Igel have te be moved to another profile but……then we have to factory reset all devices again. @member, does Igel has a solution for this?

Hi @member thought you might have seen this thread with a pretty handy workaround:

@member Forget my message; I asked the customer to uncheck the Hide local filesystem and he forgot to make a browser session because he was working in Appliance Mode. Hide Local filesystem did the trick for now

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