Evidian and Citrix for strong authentication on IGEL

I’m actually testing the use of IGEL devices (2 UD Pockets for test from IGEL) with Evidian and Citrix for strong authentication but I have some problems:

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1. The Evidian session requires Device and Server in the same active directory . . but nowhere is described how to integrate IgelOs device in the AD.

2. How can I check if the certificate was correctly copied to the device – in syslog I see many errors

Thanks for any help

Hi, for the AD integration please check :



Hi, then: welcome!

On 1) the device itself cannot be integrated into an AD, tbh. I would say that it relies more to a Windows service

on 2) I would check in a local Terminal if the files are there: kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/importing-ssl-certificates-ica-rdp-horizon-32869943.html kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/importing-ssl-certificates-ica-rdp-horizon-32869943.html

Hi, I think this is for loging in, but in the How-to for Evidian session the prereisites are:

• The device and the server(s) have to be part of the same Active Directory domain.

Which would not mean for me the user login – or am I on the wrong way?

Hi, thanks, at least now I even know how to open a terminal. I tried to import the CA certificate by UMS but after controlling the syslog, I saw that the files are not in /wfs/ca-certs but in /wfs/users. Is that normal if imorting by UMS?

Did you deployed the certs as common purpose certificates when uploading them to UMS?

listen like spanish for me 😞 I added Certificate by new file with classification web browser and assigned it the to the device.

Por Que? 😉Right, but when uploading the cert. there, in that window there is a pulldown menu where you could choose common certificate, which covers all the CA Stores.

Not sure if that would help either, but here is debug guide for Evidian:

kb.igel.com/igellinux/en/debugging-and-troubleshooting-4237752.html kb.igel.com/igellinux/en/debugging-and-troubleshooting-4237752.html

Changed it to Common and voila, they are in ca-certs. Now, deep diving in Evidian . . .

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