Experience in Lenovo M70q Gen3 devices and IGEL OS

Has someone here has experience in Lenovo M70q Gen3 devices ? We have installed a couple of devices without having problems. Now a new series of the same device does not boot with USB installed 11.08.290. What I’ve found is this:

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Installing OS 11.08.290 via USB boot stick works without issue, but on bootup of the device, no operating system was found 😞

According to article, “F12” to list boot devices should allow you to see it? Also, article seems to describe a slightly different behaviour, than what you are seeing?

As a test are you able to see if latest, 11.08.360 is also showing the same problem?

@member Thx for your fast reply. I will check this with 11.08.360.

Yes – with 11.08.360 bootdevice is showen and works as expected. Don’t know why .290 does not work. Many thanx @member

There was that www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/microsoft-shares-guidance-to-detect-blacklotus-uefi-bootkit-attacks/ Black Lotus UEFI bootkit vulnerability, where full remediation requires revocation of signatures used by UEFI. So all new “boot media must have latest signature”. However, there was statement by IGEL that this didn’t impact IGEL OS, but just mentioning that here….just in case.

Great to hear that 360 is working. Now, you’ll have to dig why 290 does not?

Nope, if .360 works fine its enough. We were updating our devices step by step to .360. 🙂

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