Experiencing login delays launching Citrix session using Imprivata ProveID Embedded or using Citrix StoreFront

We are experiencing login delays when trying to launch a Citrix virtual desktop session using Imprivata ProveID Embedded (configured in an IGEL profile) or using Citrix StoreFront (configured in a separate IGEL profile). The virtual desktop session launches but it sits at the Windows sign in screen for around 20 seconds before signing itself in. If a user sees the sign in screen after launching the virtual desktop session, they would assume to try signing in again even though they already authenticated using either Imprivata ProveID Embedded or Citrix StoreFront on the IGEL device. We are encountering this with IGEL OS,, and I don’t think we have any other devices to test with that are running an older version.

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This doesn’t happen from any other device. I can launch a Citrix virtual desktop session from a Windows or macOS device using the Citrix Workspace app and the desktop sign in process happens immediately, so I feel like I can rule out any environmental issues with Citrix.

Has anyone else encountered this issue before?

Hi Marlin, I’m not an Imprivata pro at all, but what happens if you access your citrix env. without Imprivata?

Hey Sebastien, it’s actually the same kind of behavior if I take Imprivata ProveID Embedded out of the configuration. I have an IGEL profile for Imprivata PIE and a separate IGEL profile for a basic Citrix StoreFront configuration. In either scenario, launching the virtual desktop results in the login delay. Citrix brokers the session quickly as it should, but the desktop just sits there for 20 seconds before the Windows authentication kicks in.

I attached a screenshot of me shadowing into one of the devices. The Imprivata sign in screen in the virtual desktop sits like this for about 20 seconds and then it signs itself in. If I launch a similar virtual desktop that doesn’t have the Imprivata OneSign Agent installed, the behavior is the same – you just see the Windows 10 lock screen for about 20 seconds and then sign in occurs.

For the Citrix StoreFront configuration, I know authentication into the StoreFront site works because all the desktop and app icons I have access to are automatically populated on the IGEL OS desktop. The delay seems to be in IGEL OS handing off the credentials to the virtual session.

Thank you Marlin! Is the launch still slow if you use the Browser instead? Dumb question maybe… what is the network speed negotiated from the client?

I’ll have to set up another configuration so I can have access to the browser to test it. And I’ll test network speed, but I suspect no network issues. Other devices on this range would be averaging 80-100 Mbps up and down on an internal speed test.

I just launched chromium-browser from the terminal just so I could get to a browser quickly. Speed tests were actually in the 200-250 Mbps range. I went to our StoreFront site through the browser and experienced the same delay. I’m also going to see if it happens going through our Citrix Cloud gateway since we happen to have access to that too.

I think I’ve narrowed it down. We have an internal StoreFront site that uses passthrough or user/pass authentication and the desktop launches seem to be delayed going through that store. If I test with our FAS-enabled StoreFront site, the authentication happens immediately. There seems to be a delay in the handoff of credentials when going through the store that’s using standard or passthrough authentication. I’ll continue testing this. This is interesting.

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