External monitor not working on BYOD notebook with mutiple Intel GPUs

Hello, i got a BYOD notebook with UD Pocket stick, the notebook has 2 GPU intel and nvidia, in the hardwaremonitor both seems be discovered but i dont get any signal on external monitor.. the notebook has hdmi only. any hint please?

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Hello Heiko, which IGEL OS version are you using?

Did you checked if there is maybe a Bios Setting to move fixed to one GPU?

11.05.100, no option to disable a gpu in bios

Did used the Display switcher?

How To Configure Displays in IGEL OS – Video

ich check the video, thanks.

We use the display switcher, external monitor just dont be show yet.. workaround seems to be: x.drivers.nvidia.disable yes for now… tahnk you.

Try this… on 11.05.120

Set the IGEL registry key x.drivers.preferred_driver to nvidia and x.drivers.nvidia.use_modeset to enabled then the onboard graphics ports as well as the ports of the Nvidia card can be used. Which is the recommended mode since everything is rendered on the Nvidia GPU.

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