Ezeep print option for WVD is only visible on the local IGEL OS device

Hi all,

We’re trying to test printing in WVD with Ezeep. We notice we can’t see Printing with Ezeep via the console. This is both when going through a profile based on 11.5 and directly to a terminal from the console. The Ezeep print option for WVD is only visible when going to the local setup on the device.

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Hi Joseph, which UMS Version are you running on? Might be that this setting pool will be there only on 6.07.100.

We also have #tp-thinprint channel with their team…


I’m seeing this. Safe to say update to 6.07.110 is needed?

Yes, it is! 6.07.100 is coming on 29. th of march!

Thanks! Do we have a doc on updating UMS steps?

Related to HA, but fits also to UMS.

kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.06/en/updating-ums-servers-37283076.html kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.06/en/updating-ums-servers-37283076.html

Hi @member you can still control the Ezeep function through UMS profiles, before upgrading the UMS. If you enable the sessions.wvd%Session%.printing.thinprint-ezeep (eg. sessions.wvd0.printing.thinprint-ezeep) and enable “Printing with ezeep”

You will find it if expanding System->Registry

Thanks all!

and UMS 6.07.100 is released now 😄

I see! 😁

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